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Format / Size:
Selection of the desired format (size): either a standard format from the list or enter a custom size.
Background color:
Our fabrics are always white. If you want a colored background for your flag, you can choose from different colors or you import your own picture.

Text / Font / Size:
It is possible to enter several different texts. If your text does not fit on one line, or text items are missing, please change the size, font, style or shorten your text. The fonts have different feeding widths. NOTE: Printing is only the text visible on the screen displayed. For the alignment of the text, please use the free positioning on the flag, banner or display. You can move the text, resize or rotate in any direction.

Texts and topics not position closer than 5cm at the plume fringe. This ensures that your and text are fully visible.

Text color:
When using very light text color is the font uU. on our standard white background unreadable. Change in this case the background color or the color motif, on which the text is to be positioned.

Picture Format Size:
The size and position of your image, you can specify by dragging the display. The image can be freely selected.

You have the choice between your own images, we specify motifs, patterns from the pattern database of pattern designs and the fee-based image database fotolia. It is possible to place multiple images on your banner.

Color printing:
Digital printing is a motif on fabric generally governed color loss of about 10% on the flag. Discrepancies between the information displayed on your monitor and the flag supplied may occur due to your personal monitor settings.
CAUTION: Monitor representations are not binding.

NOTE: Custom flag is printed on one side and the print appears in mirror image on the back in the best possible print through. Therefore, you must not upload pictures for the front and back. We also offer double sided print.

Upload from file:
Image files can be up to a size of 50 MB upload in JPG, BMP, PNG or PDF format. Please create files in a 1:1 ratio according to the desired size and flags placed Motive size with a resolution of 72 dpi.

If the resolution is too low, you will be pointed out with a warning and may need to later confirm (less good) Print quality when ordering. Our 5-star quality index shows you immediately whether the image quality for the pressure is sufficient.

CAUTION: Not recommended are pictures from the Internet or mobile phone, since the resolution the print result is not satisfactory and often very low.

For PDF and EPS: with the possible vector files here the presentation should please be created in the ratio of 1:10. Also convert fonts to curves. Create Colors in CMYK mode.

fotolia Photo Gallery:
You can search the image database fotolia between professional photos and clipart for your desired motif. The fotolia image database comprises approximately 12 million royalty-free, but paid images. When ordered, we will charge you the fee fotolia data. The exact cost can be found in the shopping list in the Configurator

Template archive:
You will find in our archive template design templates for different occasions for your use. You can freely alter images, text, colors, and sizes, of course - there are only design templates.

Can be found in our image gallery currently has 50000 design proposals from all conceivable areas for your use for your personal flag. The motifs are ordered selectable via the menu by topic. Wherein different images color changes are possible.