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Liven up your business or home interior with Hp PVC-free Wall paper. Odorless prints, child-safe and eco-friendly, Hp PVC-free Wall Paper is a great way to display graphics indoors with the environment in mind. Application and removal is easy, just add water to activate the glue on wallpaper backing. Will last up to 20 years. 

Transform Wall Surfaces Into Something Extraordinary

Branding products does not have to be limited to hanging posters and window graphics. Smart brand managers are going beyond traditional media to attract customer attention. Graphic wall wraps using your branded imagery instantly transforms any flat surface into something extraordinary. Wall wraps are digitally printed to fit any size need, and with hidden seams are only limited by your imagination. Your imagery can be printed on a variety of materials, including textured vinyl. Count on DPI Direct to support your brand marketing needs with solutions to virtually any visual branding need.

Maximize Brand Awareness With Custom Wall Wraps

Durable digital wall murals and wall wraps are an ideal way to instantly turn your corporate environment into a vibrant billboard, attracting customer attention to your product or service. Turn any plain white wall into a branded billboard graphic! Our innovative wide format printing devices can print on just about any surface using durable UV inks. We also offer expert installation of wall wraps at your local business or even multiple locations around the country.

Property managers and owners can now print anything from subtle textures and patterns to bold advertising using our digitally printed indoor/outdoor wall wraps. The potential uses are limitless, and we can include 3-dimensional elements.

Creative Applications

 The creative applications are endless, and you can express your branding on as many surfaces as you want by combining wall wraps with adhesive floor decals and window graphics. Let your imagination run wild, with creative wall wrap applications:

  • Logo wallpaper
  • Use removable wall graphics to announce new products or services
  • Promote coming soon businesses on under construction areas, windows and barricades
  • Relax your guests and employees with peaceful, high resolution tropical or forest images
  • Does your office lack a view? Add a colorful landscape or cityscape!
  • Use unique quotes or sayings to inform and inspire guests and staff and spread your positive company culture
  • Educate with informational displays with temporary wall graphics
  • Boost your event attendance with eye-catching wall displays

 These high-impact advertising tool are guaranteed to attract attention to your brand, and can even be applied to curved walls and pillars. Tasteful wall wraps are a top choice to add interest to corporate environments  advertise and promote business products, boost event traffic, and communicate coming soon messages for construction sites. We provide professional installation of wall wraps at your business or even at multiple locations around the country.