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UV Printed Vehicle Magnetic Sign

A vehicle magnetic sign printed with a flatbed UV printer will give you a better product with greater durability over other manufacturing methods!   These UV direct print vehicle magnetic signs serve as removable advertising signs on cars for your business.  A product exposed to the outdoor elements needs to be tough!  Outdoor signs produced with a UV direct printer are the sharp, made with durable inks and the weather won’t destroy it!

1. Improved sharpness 
Other methods for printing vehicle magnetic signs, such as solvent inkjet prints. are not all that sharp because the inks do not dry as rapidly as UV cured; allowing for the ink to spread out.  With UV flatbed printed magnetic signage, the inks instantly dry, therefore, providing you with a tack sharp image.  It is also noteworthy that UV printing works directly onto the surface of the final substrate, and does not require lamination.  The other processes will require a protective coating or UV laminate, thus making it a layered type of sandwich.  No lamination means light does not have the opportunity to bounce around, nor cause any flare.

2. Improved durability 
Solvent inkjet prints always require a UV protective coating because the inks would be ruined if re-wetted.   UV direct inks are engineered to become rock hard instantly!  Its characteristically a tough surface and durable!

3. No layers to delaminate
Layering with the other methods means you are risking delamination. The elements of wind, rain, and sun exposure will cause delamination on any outdoor signage, eventually. With UV direct printing for your magnetic signage, the ink is laid down directly onto the magnetic substrate, so there is nothing to delaminate.

Vehicle magnetic signs printed with UV direct printing methods are the way to go for outdoor advertising signs on cars.   They are an inexpensive way to brand your fleet, while giving tack sharp graphic images that will last a long time.